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Welcome to Violin Explained, where you’ll find resources for a rapid and enjoyable method to learn to play bowed stringed instruments. We challenge the common belief that it takes years of practice to produce beautiful sounds and truly enjoy playing. As evidenced by numerous students who love performing in diverse ensembles, our approach helps you discover the joy of playing with ease and confidence.

Author of the methodology

Sergei Panov, a professional violinist, educator and author, seeks to instill a love for music and self-expression in his students, teaching strings in a direct, simple, and goal-oriented way.
With a background in music education, he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance and has presented at various music educators’ conferences and events.

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Books & products

All books offer detailed explanations, visual diagrams, quizzes, and step-by-step pictures to help you understand and master your playing techniques, enabling smoother execution of new and complex motions.

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